Why Should You Care About Gold?

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Let this Introduction to Gold show you why

An introduction to gold should explain why one of the least understood concepts or commodities in our Western society is gold and precious metals. In almost every country in the world, gold is revered, prized, and sought after. Throughout history, a king’s or a country’s wealth was measured in the amount of gold in his storehouse or treasury. Look at the Asian countries…India…ancient Egypt…the Spanish conquest for gold in the New World…the Aztecs…the many storied sunken ships full of gold coins over the centuries. A person’s wealth is measured in terms of how much gold he or she possesses. As an introduction to gold, central banks around the world hold tons of gold in their vaults as a backing for their paper currency. The Euro is currently backed by 15% in gold, and they are talking about possibly increasing it to 30%. The Federal Reserve has tons of gold in its vaults. But of course, that is not government gold, it is private gold. Gold has maintained its purchasing power throughout its 5,000-year track record, as the world’s only monetary metal. Gold is financial security. For years, portfolio managers have recommended a minimum of 10% to 20% of one’s total net worth in gold as a hedge against inflation or as a safety net if our paper money system collapses.


But why don’t we hear anything positive about an introduction to gold in the media? Why is it almost impossible to get any information about gold? Is there a conspiracy to withhold this information from the American public? Why is it important to own gold? Who should own gold? What kind of gold is best for me? What is the best place to store gold? How can I educate myself about gold and gold companies so I don’t get burned? Are there some general principles on how to buy gold? How can I avoid the scams or rip-off techniques of unscrupulous coin companies? Which companies are the worst scam artists? If you’ve been scammed by a coin company, is there any recourse? We will be answering all these questions and more in this paper. We will also tell a few tragic stories of people who, lacking a proper introduction to gold, have fallen into the hands of these gold company charlatans.

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