The Most Excellent Way to Mail Gold Coins

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For many coin collectors, selling and buying expensive metals with reliable dealers has completely saved them from agitation. Most of the time these dealers have a secured mailing service.

However, if you are going to liner your gold coins or other precious metals or valuables by mail, it will make you concerned, fretful, and awkward until the receiver has conclusively confirmed that he has received the pieces safe and sound. Following are pointers on how securely deliver valuables through parcels including your precious gold coins:

Tip Number 1 – Discover Your Gold Coin Value

Before you visit the post office adjacent to you, you should first ascertain the value of your gold coins. You may check the value of your gold coins either online or by visiting a trustworthy coin dealer.

Tip Number 2 – Make Your Packing List

Making a packing inventory will help you keep your sanity especially if you are sending several orders. Also, it will help you in managing your items effectively. What you need to include in your list are your name, contact number, mailing address, and the complete list of listings. Construct two document copies. For yourself and the one to, you will be sending the valuables.

Tip Number 3 – Select The Category of Delivery Mail Appropriate For Your Items

You can select a flat rate box which allows you to ship anything that fits into the box for a fixed price, anywhere in the US but it should not weigh over 70 pounds. This kind of priority mail is best if you are about to transport more than two coins. But if you are shipping only one or two coins, it is better to go for first-class mail.

Tip Number 4 – Protect Your Pieces and Get a Coin Holder

Coins should be handled with additional care and they should be shipped in a coin holder. This will protect coins from possible scratches and damage. After securing your items, enclose the coin holder with bubble wrap.
Place them into your box and label them correspondingly. Better if you could put the order confirmation if you have sold them online. Include also a note on how to handle the piece.

Tip Number 5 – Insure Your Package

Once you’re in the post office, inquire if the parcel you have selected includes an insurance fee. Although, most registered mails include insurance, better be sure and double-check.

Tip Number 6 – Do Not Disclose The Items And Use Codes

When shipping gold coins or any valuable pieces, you should never put a sign or hint on the outside of the package that you are sending something posh or precious. Instead of stating that you’ll be sending gold or silver, you can use initials to cloak the items. If sending gold coins write G C.

Tip Number 7 – Comprehend the Schedule of Delivery

Always confirm the schedule of delivery so that you will know when to anticipate the delivery to reach the recipient. Registered mails usually take slightly longer than regular mail but they are the most secure method of mailing valuables.

Tip Number 8 – Keep All Receipts and Documents

Keeping all receipts and other documents will not only serve as proof of mailing but also protection if something happens to your package. Besides, if this is your business or frequently ship gold coins, you may want to keep an online database.

Without a doubt, shipping gold coins and other valuable pieces via mail is the most expedient way of delivering pieces to your customer, family, or friend. Following these steps will guarantee you secured shipping employing post. Cheers!