Hotels in Durham and Touring the City

During your stay in hotels in Durham, there are a wide variety of tours you can choose from to make sure you see all of the best sights. Whether you stay in the heart of the city, in the Durham Dales or on the Durham Coast, you’ll find many guided tours and self-guided tours to suit all ages. Guided tours are a wonderful way to enjoy Durham as you won’t miss out anything important. With the help of an expert guide they’ll be able to recommend the best places and tell you all the hidden gems too!. If you’re staying in hotels in Durham for a few days, why not choose to go on a couple of tours if you have time? There is so much to see and do in Durham, it will be likely that yoy don’t get to see everything you wanted to.

A much more active way to see the city is on a Trike Tour. These 1400cc trikes come complete with a chauffer and not only will you have fun, you’ll get to see all the best sights in Durham. Those staying in hotels in Durham may want to visit the UNESCO Wold Heritage Site of Durham Castle and Cathedral. Guided tours of Durham Castle are offered throughout the year this gives visitors a chance to learn about its history and see its wonderful architecture.

Hotels in Durham and Activities

Another great way of exploring Durham and its surrounding area is taking part in the many activities it has to offer. With walking and cycling opportunities everywhere and the chance to take part in water sports, golfing and adventure activities, there is something for everyone staying in hotels in Durham. Explore the nature and wildlife of the Durham Coast or the rich landscape of the Durham Dales countryside in a number of exciting ways and you’ll soon see that Durham’s appeal is wider than you thought. Wherever area you choose to stay within, staying in hotels in Durham provides you with an array of activities and tours.