Civil Case vs. Criminal Case – What’s the Difference?

By Conte Law in Whitby ON

The legal system implements two different kinds of cases, criminal and civil, to address the wrongdoings people commit. In general, crimes are offenses made against the state even when the immediate harm has been done to a person. The state prosecutes these crimes accordingly. On the other hand, civil cases usually involve disputes between persons concerning the legal responsibilities and duties they owe to each other. Civil lawsuits adjudicate these cases. While there might be some sort of overlap, there are different ways wherein you can spot the difference between a civil case and a criminal case. 

Distinctions between Civil Cases and Criminal Cases

Below are the primary differences between a civil case and a criminal case:

  • Civil offenses and criminal offenses are mainly different when it comes to their punishment. 
  • Crimes are regarded as offenses made against the state or the society in general. 
  • Standard of proof differs in civil case and a criminal case. 
  • Defendants in criminal cases are entitled to a lawyer. 
  • Criminal cases almost always allow a trial by jury. 
  • There are considerable protections available for defendants under the criminal law. 

Crimes are Offenses Made Against the State

It means that while an individual might murder another individual, the murder in itself is regarded as an offense to all members of the society. This is the reason why the state prosecutes crimes made against the state while the prosecutor instead of the victim files the case in court as the state representative. For civil cases, the case is filed by the wronged party. 

Standard of Proof for Civil Cases and Criminal Cases 

Crimes should generally be proven beyond reasonable doubt while civil cases are being proven by lower standards of proof like the preponderance of evidence. This difference in standards is present because the civil liability is regarded to be less blameworthy and also because there are less severe punishments. 

Punishment Differences

Civil cases in general only lead to orders to do something or not, called injunctions, or monetary damages. Take note that criminal cases might involve jail time as well as monetary punishments that come in the form of fines. Generally, since there are greater consequences in criminal cases, such as the possibility of facing jail time or worse death, there are more protections put in place for criminal cases, not to mention that these are more difficult to prove.

Jury Trials

A trial by jury is almost always allowed for criminal cases. There are instances when juries are also allowed in civil cases but for most civil cases, a judge makes the decision. 

Right to a Lawyer 

Defendants in criminal cases are entitled to lawyers and if it is not within their means, the state is responsible of providing an attorney. Civil case defendants don’t have the right to a lawyer so if they couldn’t afford hiring one, they are left with no choice but to represent themselves. 

Civil cases and criminal cases are different in more ways than one.

Staying in Durham Hotels for a Magical Winter Break

During the winter when the temperatures have dropped, there is nowhere better to stay than Durham hotels. From their cosy lounges complete with roaring log fires to the finishing touches in your room, no attention to detail is spared and your enjoyment and comfort is their priority. Look forward to the seasonal items and local produce featured on the menus in the local pubs and their range of drinks to warm you through. You will feel very much at home at one of these hotels from which you can explore this historic city.

Explore the Cobbled Streets

After a snowfall, the cathedral, castle and university buildings, with their white covering, look all the more picturesque. The cathedral is a World Heritage Site and is considered to be the best example of Norman architecture in Europe. While here, visit the resting place of St Cuthbert and climb the tower for an impressive view over the city and the countryside beyond. Wind through the streets, taking time to stop in the unique book, gift and food shops; the indoor market also welcomes visitors to browse. The compact city centre is bursting with places to eat, so whether you want a light lunch, a more substantial meal or an afternoon tea you will be spoilt for choice. Before the light fades, take a stroll along the banks of the River Wear, providing an alternative perspective of the city. You can then return to one of the Durham hotels after all the exercise and fresh air ready to enjoy a hearty meal.

Take in the Countryside from Durham Hotels

The Durham Dales are part of the North Pennine Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and are just a short drive from the city. Here heather moors meet meadows and woods, with tumbling waterfalls adding to the scenery. The area is full of wildlife and if you are lucky you might even spot a red squirrel. Whilst on a bracing walk through this magnificent landscape, you might also notice evidence of the area’s industrial past, as hints of its mining heritage are still visible. If you have another whole day to spare, visit Beamish Living Museum of the North to experience what life was like for those living in the area in Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian times. Take a trip down the mine, ride on a tram and see how different homes, shops and businesses were from what we know today. You couldn’t ask for a better way to end your stay in Durham hotels.

Places to Visit and Hotels in Durham

There are plenty of hotels in Durham and whether you choose to stay in the city, the Vale of Durham, the Durham Dales or the Coast, you’ll be guaranteed to have a fun filled city break. Durham is a city located in North East England within the County Durham district. The city is renowned for its Norman Cathedral and 11th century castle, which both attract a vast amount of visitors each year. There are a number of sightseeing opportunities in Durham whether it’s standing in awe at the Cathedral or enjoying the breath-taking coastal views. There are also many countryside attractions including country parks and animal farms, which allow families staying in hotels in Durham city to explore the fresh outdoors with their children.

Places to Visit in Durham

Durham Castle and the Cathedral are part of the Durham City World Heritage Site, awarded in 1986. The area was recognised for its uniqueness as well as being a historic and scenic site of importance. The Castle is today a living and working community being home to Durham University with over 100 students residing here during term time. Visitors can explore the castle via a guided tour although these are limited during term time to afternoons only. The Cathedral can also be visited year round where locals and tourists are welcomed to pray or simply see the historic building in all of its form. Although entrance is free, the Cathedral politely asks guests to contribute a donation. The Durham Coast is a must if you are staying in hotels in Durham city for a few days and want to relax in beautiful surroundings. The Heritage Coast is renowned internationally for its rare plants and wildlife but visitors also enjoy strolling its rugged cliffs and long sandy beaches. When it comes to shopping, visitors should head to Dalton Park. This is the biggest shopping outlet in the region where locals and many tourists come to save up to 50 % on a number of top brands. With shops like Next, Marks and Spencers, Gap and Radley and a number of cafes, it’s the ideal way to finish off your stay in Durham.

Staying in Hotels in Durham and Family Attractions

If you’re a family looking to book hotels in Durham, there are plenty that cater for all age requirements within the city and on the outskirts of Durham. There is also a great variety of family attractions. Diggerland in Langley Park, County Durham makes a fun packed day out for all the family. With over 15 rides and drives, the children will be entertained all day long. Tweddle Children’s Animal Farm in Count Durham is a childrens farm and petting centre and one of the regions premier family attractions. Children can get up close with the farm animals feeding the lambs and calves and also enjoy a tractor ride around the farm. Adventure Valley, Thorpe Farm Centre and The National Railway Museum are just some of the other great family venues near to hotels in Durham.

Hotels in Durham and Touring the City

During your stay in hotels in Durham, there are a wide variety of tours you can choose from to make sure you see all of the best sights. Whether you stay in the heart of the city, in the Durham Dales or on the Durham Coast, you’ll find many guided tours and self-guided tours to suit all ages. Guided tours are a wonderful way to enjoy Durham as you won’t miss out anything important. With the help of an expert guide they’ll be able to recommend the best places and tell you all the hidden gems too!. If you’re staying in hotels in Durham for a few days, why not choose to go on a couple of tours if you have time? There is so much to see and do in Durham, it will be likely that yoy don’t get to see everything you wanted to.

A much more active way to see the city is on a Trike Tour. These 1400cc trikes come complete with a chauffer and not only will you have fun, you’ll get to see all the best sights in Durham. Those staying in hotels in Durham may want to visit the UNESCO Wold Heritage Site of Durham Castle and Cathedral. Guided tours of Durham Castle are offered throughout the year this gives visitors a chance to learn about its history and see its wonderful architecture.

Hotels in Durham and Activities

Another great way of exploring Durham and its surrounding area is taking part in the many activities it has to offer. With walking and cycling opportunities everywhere and the chance to take part in water sports, golfing and adventure activities, there is something for everyone staying in hotels in Durham. Explore the nature and wildlife of the Durham Coast or the rich landscape of the Durham Dales countryside in a number of exciting ways and you’ll soon see that Durham’s appeal is wider than you thought. Wherever area you choose to stay within, staying in hotels in Durham provides you with an array of activities and tours.

Cleaning Tips to Save Time When Vacuuming

Cleaning Tips to Save Time When Vacuuming

You probably think that vacuuming is a no-brainer task. You just plug in the vacuum, turn it on, and you will be good to go, right? Well, this is somewhat true but chances are it takes you longer than necessary to get this job done.

To help you out, below are some tips you can use during your cleaning routine to ensure that this task won’t use up too much of your free time.

Start with a Plan

Before getting your vacuum out, you need a game plan. Map all the rooms that require cleaning to identify the right order to do so. For example, you would want to dust things before cleaning the floors or else, you will end up vacuuming twice just to gather all those fallen dirt and dust. Having a plan in place lets you streamline your task to every single minute counts.

Clean Your Vacuum Cleaner

Before starting with your cleaning task, make sure that you have a clean vacuum in the first place. Why? This is because this appliance will only function properly if there is enough airflow. A full canister or a dust-coated filter will reduce the effectiveness of your vacuuming. Save time during vacuuming by ensuring that you have been set up for success by using a clean machine prepared to do the job.

Tidy Up First

Of course, you know that dusting must be done before vacuuming. But, you also need to take several means to clean the floors in all the rooms you will work on. This is one of the best ways to save time when vacuuming since there is no need for you to bend down every now and then to pick up random items as you vacuum around the house. This also ensures that you won’t suck things up that could end up damaging your appliance, getting tangled in the beater bar, and preventing you from tripping down as you clean.

Learn the Right Way of Vacuuming

It might seem like there is not a lot of things involved when vacuuming the common area or living room floors. But, as far as the proper use of this appliance is concerned, there are several ground rules you need to keep in mind. Make sure that you really know the proper way of vacuuming for your efforts to be more efficient while having the peace of mind knowing that your machine is in great operating order.

Vacuum Regularly

You can save time in the long run if you maintain and stick to a regular schedule for housekeeping that includes vacuuming. Think of this. If you care for your floors during the week, lesser dirt will accumulate on them. This will result in lesser passes you need to make with your vacuum, helping you save time in the process.

You see, knowing the right way of vacuuming more productively will help you reduce the amount of time required to complete the task. But, if your schedule is hectic, you can always hire the experts to help you out.